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Who is this space for?

Edge Walkers:
western scientists

tansform the science you do;
make your science transformational

Land Connectors:
climate and nature activists, land defenders, kin makers, and nature lovers

resting place for weary travelers on the road of self-decolonialisation

Systems Weavers:
knowledge holders, mediators, translators

re-mapping worlds from a decolonial, kinship  perspective 

Do I see myself in my work, and see my real contributions clearly?

How am I being of service, and how am I actually forwarding the social constructs I don’t want?

Can I begin to see many worlds to walk along their edges?

This is a space for guidance and conversation on how to ‘decolonize’ thinking in academia, how to open up to an awareness of the way modernity sees the world—modernity, built from a few foundational ideas and steeped in their long-held traditions—and opening to the nuance of those academic foundations as closed cultural activities, replete with with ideologies and philosophies and implicit bias. Grappling with this nuance is a recognition that upholding western science practices, pedagogies, and thinking as the sole way to navigate and understand the world, stokes the fire of a very specific cultural conversation that shares its foundational ideas with separation, othering, extractivism, and violent colonialism.

Where do we go?


This is a space of refuge, a space where we can hold fast to each other as end-stage capitalism and worldviews of separation meet their inevitable outcomes. This is a deep ecology space, "in the cracks," for those who have been at the edges of dominant culture, quietly living with deeper, innate stirrings of kinship and reciprocity with the natural world. Here, we can speak and be and live from these spaces of truth, intentionally sharing life with non-humans, intentionally navigating ecopolitics of reciprocity, using our voices in collective strength to stand for life, for love, for nature's freedom from oppression; to remind each other of the moment-to-moment lived experience of immersive belonging that is possible, the dialogue with the natural world that sustains our soft animal bodies, that makes us and keeps us whole.

The work of life is collective work.

Creative wisdom sharing with our elders

What is it to be a good future ancestor?

This is a space to consider, in each of our communities, how do we create spaces for wise elders in our own knowledge systems, and invite the wisdom a new, collective path-forging? How do we invite in the wisdom from the land and honor it in this new, collective forging? In this space, we can collectively remap our worlds, all of us becoming new map keepers that draw the lines of new futures as we walk them.

How do we work with others NOT of our own knowledge tradition, to broaden horizons, to go beyond notions of inclusivity and toward respectful relations in equality between peoples and non-human beings? This space welcomes those who hold knowledge of ways before modernity to share in this space, and those who are in intimate dialogue with the land on which they find home.

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